Career Orientation

Making big claims is one thing and performing them, other. With a vision of making students excel in what they are good at ROCKWOODS has formed its own set of values, standard and methods of learning. It’s Standards are difficult to match and methods are not the conventional ones, ultimately leading the student towards the path of excellence.

Helping the students realise their real strength
After thorough examination helping them choose their Specialization
Dedicated class for every specialization
Teachnext class
State-of-the-art IT zone
Music | Dance | Skating | Basketball | Karate academy | Cricket
Special Art Classes
Dedicated Animation classes
Science & Maths Olympiad

Unique content based Teachnext Class, Science Olympiad and many others mentioned above is where ROCKWOODS makes the real difference. Teachnext Class is ROCKWOODS’ own concept of teaching where students are taught with the help of technology helping clear the concepts easily.